The web design Process

1. agree to do BUSINESS

We’ve talked, the Big Boy Website’s Amazing Offer has been explained to you and you decide yes, you want a new website design.​


We discuss the fine print, you sign and fill in the paperwork. We are all ready to go ahead.

4. research and DESIGN

For us to give you the best possible website design for your company, we require at least 30 days to research and design.

3. briefing MEETING

For us to begin the research and website design process, we require a 45 minute meeting to better understand your business.

5. peer REVIEW

Before we send you a prototype to review, we put all of our website designs through a peer review process to ensure we’ve met the brief.

6a. you view and APPROVE

You have 15 days from when we send you the prototype design, to view and decide whether you will continue with us.

8. website


Big Boy Websites will work in collaboration with you to finish your website as fast as possible.


If you decide that our solution is not for you, we wish you all the best in your endeavour for a new website. Goodbye and Thank You.

9. your PAYMENT

You are required to start payment 30 days from when you approve the working prototype with us.

10. launch PARTY

Your company now has an exciting new website to launch to the world, let’s have a party to celebrate!

Big Boy Websites

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

Big Boy Websites