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Alex Mann is one of the founders of Big Boy Websites. Alex Mann is passionate about working with business owners to help them forward their business within a marketing context. Alex has a deep understanding of P2P marketing, revealing the bright spots that has people engage/purchase. A passionate technologist, Alex is a real-world marketing strategist and online, SEO, SEM technical specialist.





Bernadette Cooney has a strong background in media and communication, having spent 20 years as a journalist for a vast range of media, including mainstream New Zealand newspapers and independent magazines. An award-winning journalist and writer, Bernadette has extensive experience in covering small business and individual enterprise, in a mix of long form feature, daily reporting, and advertising copywriting. In more recent times she has also learnt the art of successful tweeting and blogging. 

7 Questions about the newly launched “Cherry on The Top” packages at Big Boy Websites

1. So we hear that you just launched a whole range of additional packages at Big Boy Websites. Can you tell us about them? 

Yes, we have just launched a whole range of additional packages that business owners can purchase to improve their digital footprint. These range from something as simple as an extra page or some copy writing to a monthly blog post or full scale digital marketing plan.


2.Why are you charging extra when your plans are advertised as a “simple monthly fee”?

Now that we have 100's and 100's of live websites we realised that quite often a business owner is too busy actually doing their business to be able to work on getting together the information that they need to share with their customer base. Heck some of them don’t even have a customer base at all. We realised that there was an opportunity to provide these busy business owners with the help they needed to solve that problem for them.


3. So your monthly plans are the same or are you charging a design fee now?

We will never charge a design fee. That is not part of our ethos. The company was founded on the premise that we could provide agency standard websites to the small to medium business owner who does not have the ability to make a substantial upfront payment for their website.


4. What types of extra services do you plan to offer?

Well in the first instance, we want to offer a service to businesses that will help them better showcase what they do. For example, they need some photos of their work or some case studies written about a big project or achievement. So many small business owners told us they wanted to do this, but the reality was they never had the time to do it. By getting us to do this for them, their customers are able to fully understand what is offered.


5. Are these being added to the monthly fee or are they a one-off charge?

This depends on what the service is that is offered. A shopping cart will for example, be an additional monthly charge whereas a new gallery will enable a business to just add some depth and authenticity to their website. 


6. What have been the most popular of the new packages?

Definitely the galleries. Everyone wants to show off their work, but hardly anyone has the time or the skills to gather a body of work together.


7. How can we find out more about these packages?

 Have a look at our website, we have got them all up there. Or talk to one of our Business Development Managers and they can talk you through the process.

See the add on services here


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