Mobile Responsive Built Website

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We build all our websites with a responsive mobile version. This is not an adaptive mobile site, but rather a responsive mobile site, what's the difference?

Adaptive Mobile Design:

This mobile website design strategy simply takes a desktop design and crudely squeezes it  to fit the mobile device viewing the website. This is sub optimal, as there may be information that's irrelevant to the user and/ or difficult to digest on a mobile phone. 

Responsive Mobile Design:

This is the chosen strategy that we use here at Big Boy Websites, as it delivers a far superior experience for the end user for a couple of reasons:-

  •  We can display the most important information in the order that a user on a smart phone would expect. [e.g clickable buttons for calling, emailing and directions] 

  • We can display the most important information in the right manner for a small mobile device.

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