SEO is about being found. Search Engine Optimisation is how the Google bots find out that you are a real authentic business. Nothing beats working hard at your business, networking, talking to real people and people visiting your site. However there are some things that we can do to help with your SEO:

Install Google Analytics

Install Google Search Console

Check Google’s Search Console for crawl errors, duplicate content errors, missing titles and other technical errors

Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner for keyword research

Try to get your primary keyword into your page URL

Add your keyword to your title tag

Add your keyword to your meta description

Add your keyword to your H1 tag

Add crawlable text to your page. Make sure to have at least 100 words on each URL minimum – (the more the better)

Use synonyms in your copy

Add descriptive ALT tags to your images.

Link to other pages on your site with SEO-friendly text

Make sure you don’t have duplicate content

Create a robots.txt file and submit it to Google Search Console

What's included in this upgrade:

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